Headshot Backgrounds


Background Facts:

  • The colors and brightness of all studio background options will be slightly different on different computer monitors. If exact accuracy is necessary to make your decision, please contact me to view prints of each background you are considering.  

  • The color and brightness of your studio background choice may vary slightly in your final images. This is due to the variables of ambient light and amount of space for the studio setup at different locations. Before beginning on site sessions, you will view an image of the background as it is set up in your space. I can adjust the setup at that time according to your wishes. 


  • All of the background options can be made lighter or darker upon request. I can also change the color of some of the backgrounds. If there is a color you'd like that is not shown, please contact me to discuss. If I cannot create your desired background and color with my collection, you have the option of custom ordering a new background. Cost for a custom background starts at $30, and varies according to your choice. 


  • You may choose to use your environment as the backdrop for a Classic Session. One area is included. Additional areas inside the same location are $50 each. No limit to how many different photo areas you can choose. (See examples of Environmental backgrounds in the recently taken headshots gallery)



To view background options online:

  • Click here for all backgrounds offered
  • Click here for K.I.S.S. session options and comparison of K.I.S.S. vs Classic and Executive setups