Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference in between the session options?

(Click here to view the comparison chart, detailing options for all sessions offered)

Classic and Executive sessions include higher resolution images (able to be used in print), more background choices, and more dynamic lighting...which is individually adjusted for each person photographed in Executive sessions. More time is spent with each person in Executive, and in both sessions, varied, more contemporary poses are photographed to select the final image from. Many optional upgrades available. Available for large groups.

K.I.S.S. sessions include final images sized to be good for online use only, are lit as simply as a photo can be while still looking professional, offer limited background choices, and there is only one traditional pose photographed. Limited to groups of 10 or less.


Can I book K.I.S.S. sessions for the entire office?

K.I.S.S. sessions are limited to sessions with 5 people or less.  


What is the first step in booking a session?

When ready to schedule a session, interested in getting more information, or need help deciding which session to choose, please contact me via phone at (608) 395-8348, or email [email protected]. We'll discuss what you are looking for, and figure out which session best suits your needs. Once a session option is chosen, I'll send you all the information you'll need for booking. 

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. I'm here to help, and very happy to guide you through the process of choosing your session.


When do I pay?

  • If you are certain of the number of people to be photographed, the full amount will be due at our session time. 
  • If there is any uncertainty as to how many will be photographed, I will invoice immediately following our session to be sure we have an accurate count of those photographed. The full session fee is then due upon receipt of the invoice. No images are released until full payment is received.
  • No deposit required


What if I have to cancel or reschedule my session?

I appreciate as much advanced notice as you can give me. There is no penalty.


What payment types are accepted?

Cash or check preferred. Visa, M/C, Discover, and American Express are accepted for an additional fee. 


Can I purchase more images or request a full retouch after I've paid for my session and received my final image(s)?

  • Yes, a full retouch may be purchased at any time. 
  • Yes, more images may be purchased up to 30 days after your session date. However, if more than the included image(s) is desired, this must be discussed prior to your session so I know how many pictures to take. 
  • The cost of the above options would be the same as the original quote given for the session the images originated from if paid via cash or check. The cost is higher if ordered through my website, or paid via credit card.


What if someone in our group isn't happy with their final image(s)?

  • If I am returning to your location to photograph those who could not attend the original session date, I am happy to give a 30% discount off the rate that was charged for an additional person at the original session, for each person retaken at this session time.
  • If setting up a session time soley to retake these images, it is charged at the same standard rate as the original session date.  
  • If the error in the photo was my fault, this falls under my money back guarantee. (Guarantee is valid only if the issue is my error - i.e. lighting, framing, or other issue I promised but did not deliver. Guarantee is not valid if photo subject doesn't like their outfit/hair/makeup/pose/side of their face photographed/has an unremovable blemish, or other reason that could have been solved before or during the session.) If the reshoot is decided/scheduled before the final imae(s) have been released, there would be no charge to retake the image(s). After the final images have been delivered, any photos retaken will be charged at the rate stated above. 

Please contact me to confirm the cost for any retakes before our session date.


How much space do I need for studio set up at my location?

This varies according to session chosen and background choice. For full studio set up, minimum space needed is about 7'Wx15'D. Ceiling height needed also varies from 6.5'-8'. If your space is smaller than what's listed, please contact me to discuss which background/set up would work best.


What happens at the session?

  • At Classic sessions, each person arrives for their photos during their designated time frame. I will send you a suggested schedule including the number of people to schedule at each time increment. Each person will be photographed in one pose, unless multiple final images are purchased. 
    • If immediate individual choice is selected as the method of choosing final images: immediately following their photos, each person will view their image options at full size, side by side, and pick which they'd like to keep. 
    • If same day final image selection after sessions are complete is chosen, I will take some time after all sessions to arrange the images. Time for this varies according to how many people were photographed. When ready, either a representative (or two) for all photographed, or each person photographed (depending on optional upgrades) will sit with me and look over the image choices and select their image(s).
  • At K.I.S.S sessions 
    • I will need about 5 minutes to setup, then you'll enter the studio and I will adjust the lighting, pose you, take a few shots, collect payment. I'll then take about 5 minutes to pack up, and that's it! 


Can I choose more than one background?

This is dependent on your session, as well as the backgrounds you would like. Please contact me to discuss. It is often possible.


Will the background of my image look identical to the examples shown?

Colors and brightness of all backgrounds other than white and black will vary slightly with every session. This is dependent on how much space I have to set up, windows in the area, etc. The backgrounds online will also look slightly different on every computer monitor. 

Before beginning sessions on photo day, I will show you how the set up looks in an image, and can make adjustments according to your wishes. If multiple sessions take place in your location on different days, photos taken in the same area with no exterior light sources can be matched exactly in the future. 


Can I have a group photographed?

Yes. However, the headshot backgrounds are not large enough for more than one or two people. Group photos can be taken around the office. You also have the option of custom ordering a larger backdrop to fit the entire group. Additional costs to photograph the group, and cost for the custom background vary according to what you'd like. 


Can I set up a headshot session for myself and friends at my home instead of the office?

This is available only to existing Camera Kisses clients. Travel charges apply to areas outside of Madison. All new clients must be photographed at the office or other public location, but may bring friends along to take advantage of a lower per person rate. 


Can you photoshop me onto a different background, change the color of my background digitally, change the color of my clothing, or remove wrinkles from clothing?

No, this is not possible. 


Can you photoshop small stains or lint off my clothing?

This depends on the clothing. Most often, yes. This would be covered with the full retouch service.


Can you photoshop the glare off my glasses?

Most often I can make adjustments while taking the photo to ensure no noticeable glare. Sometimes this is not possible when dealing with lenses without anti-glare coating or very strong prescriptions. If we do end up with glare on your glasses, it is likely removable in photoshop. This would be covered with the full retouch service.