Tips for a Great Headshot


What to wear


  • Wear what you look best in
  • Bright or dark colors look great in photos
  • Select an outfit that compliments the background. Matching the background is not recommended....something contrasting to the background is great!
  • Iron out the wrinkles. Removing wrinkles from clothing is not something that is possible to do in photoshop 
  • Dress to represent your business. If you have a more casual position, a suit coat may not always be the best choice


  • Avoid white or pastel clothing unless worn under a jacket
  • Avoid thin fabrics. The flash is much brighter than ambient lighting, and may illuminate an undershirt that you don't want visible. The best check for this is taking a close up flash picture of yourself in your planned outfit.
  • Avoid sleeveless or strappy tops and/or dresses. 
  • Avoid bold patterns, or mixing too many patterns
  • Avoid large or reflective jewelry (a flat metal pendant will reflect the flash and look like it's glowing bright white in a photo)
  • Glasses: avoid wearing any glasses that you do not plan to wear for your photo for at least 30 minutes before your session to eliminate marks on your nose. (remember this also goes for sunglasses on the way to your session)
  • Masks: Avoid wearing a mask that creates marks on your face. Bring any make-up that may need touch-ups from mask wearing to the photo area. There will be mirror there that you can use when you take your mask off just before your photo.



How to Style Hair and Make-up

  • If you have short hair, avoid getting a cut right before photo day. Cuts typically look best with a couple of weeks of outgrowth.
  • Bring any makeup or hairspray you need along with you to apply touch-ups right before heading to your session. Please spray any sprays necessary in another room before heading to the photo area. No sprays of any kind can be sprayed in the photo area.
  • Style your hair as you like, keeping in mind you want to look like yourself in your photo. If you never wear your hair down, styling it that way for photos may not be the best choice.
  • Apply make-up as usual. It's best not to try anything new or drastic on photo day. 


Things to do on Photo Day Just Before Your session:

Everyone check...
  • Hair 
  • Teeth 
  • Nose 
  • Eyes (sleep in eyes, eyelash on face, make-up smudges/mascara flecks around eyes, etc. These are things that will show up in a photo, but I won't see when you enter the photo studio)
 Men Women
  • Fix your tie and collar
  • Button the top button only of your coat
  • Touch up make-up (watch for lipstick on teeth)
  • Buttons and clothing straight, neck line hasn't slid too low for your liking
  • Nothing sticking out from under your clothes
  • Necklace clasp to the back of your neck
  • Earrings straight and not caught on any hair